About Black & Green

Salutations! Black & Green is a modern 16-seater neighbourhood restaurant in the heart of Barnt Green, Worcestershire. Black symbolises ‘classical’ and green ‘sustainable’.

Black & Green uses humble local Ingredients of the highest quality. The food and drink focus on a modern interpretation of classical European flavours, in an informal, relaxed, and social setting. With staff recruited for the local area, this restaurant sits at the heart of the village community.

Black & Green combines the spirit of a neighbourhood restaurant with the execution of modern fine dining. Customers dine in the heart of the kitchen and are served each course by our passionate, knowledgeable team, led by award-winning chef Andrew Sheridan.

Black & Green can be booked by single diners, couples, and groups of up to 18 people. However, all guests dine together, in a relaxed yet intimate setting all focussed on food and drink – and some fun and laughter.